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Leadership and Development Tips. Plan for your future today or tomorrow will pass you by. Welcome to this web site on leadership and development tips for personal and professional development. I hope that you will find some useful leadership and development tips that will benefit you in your current and future roles.

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You need to want to, believe in yourself and be open to the learning process. I'd like it to be a reference home for people like you covering a range of leadership and personal development tips. They are expected to be able to: Manage people, lead people, manage interactions and display appropriate skills without being given guidelines, training, coaching or support in doing this effectively. Use the information in this site to help your development. Dymphna Ormond believes that everyone should develop leadership skills and skills that will lead to personal growth and development. Testimonials. Documents a variety of testimonials from clients.

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Leadership Books Articlesrecommends leadership and articles to read others recommends books on communications networking and personal development. Training Courses. Overview of training courses available from Ormond Coaching and Training. Assertiveness Skills Training Course. Outlines sample content for an Assertiveness Communication Skills training course. Communication Skills Training. Content that can be covered in communication skills training coursescoaching skills training for managers.

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Outlines content of a coaching skills training programme for managers. Presentation Skills Training Courses. Gives an overview of presentation skills training courses. Time Management training course. Gives an overview of a typical time management training course.

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Different Leadership Theories? Look at different leadership theories and styles and how to use them. Authentic Leadership. Download Game Street Fighter 2 320X240. Discusses the ideas behind authentic leadership.

Trait Theory. The trait theory says that effective leaders display certain leadership traits or characteristics. The traits of leaders will be explored and discussed here. Behavioural Theories. The behavioural theories of leadership say that leaders take on different behaviours by which to lead and manage their employees. Situational Leadership Theory. Discusses what situational leadership is and how to apply. Adairs action centred leadershipaction centred leadership, John Adair.

Power and Influence. What role does power and influence have on leadership styles? Here we will explore what effective delegation looks like. Managing People. Explores the challenges that managing people presents with tips on how to manage them. Effective Presentation Skills.

Discusses the importance of effective presentation skills and how the effective presenter develops and delivers presentations effectively. Time Management Skillshow to improve your time management skills and personal effectiveness. Dignity at Work. Discusses the importance of Dignity at Work. Bullying at Work.

Bullying behaviours, symptoms and impact of bullying at work. Workplace Harassment. Explores the different forms of workplace harassment and workplace discrimination. Communication in the Workplace.

Explores the challenges of effective communication in the workplace, common communication barriers and some communication tips. What is Communication. Explores what is communication to help understand and reduce common errors that are made.

Effective Communication Skills. Effective communication skills requires that we know how to listen actively,to gather information through the use of questions and how to use non verbal communication effectively.... Assertive Communication. Assertive communication is a skill and a way of behaving and a communication style that will help you improve and manage your interactions effectively. Contact Us. For more information contact us on 0.

Leadership Blog. Comments and thoughts on leadership.

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