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Sew Like My Mom. July 2. Creating your own bias tape takes just a few minutes and adds the perfect touch to your sewing project! Start by cutting strips of fabric on the bias.

They HAVE to be cut at a 4. If you just need a small amount you can get it out of one cut of fabric if it’s long enough. To make a longer piece, take 2 of your strips and place them perpendicularly to each other at one end with right sides facing. Sample Job Cover Letter on this page.

Sew from the edge of where they meet on one side to the edge on the other. Trim off the extra fabric leaving a small seam allowance.

Download Lagu Every Breath You Take Glee

Continue sewing all your strips together until they’re one long piece. Press your seams open. Fold the piece in half, matching raw edges at the top, and press well. Open the piece up and take the bottom raw edge, fold it to meet the pressed line in the middle, and press the bottom edge. Flip the piece over, and repeat for the other side.

Fold the piece in half and repress along the first middle press line to set all pressed edges. You’ll now have your bias tape!

The raw edges will be enclosed in the middle and you’re ready to go! No Comments »June 2. Hey guys! I’m back over at Riley Blake today with a free pattern! It’s another unisex full pattern–the ADORABLE Coconut Summer Pajama Set!!

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  3. Remember when the job of “reviewer” was something you had to be paid to do? Take someone like Gene Shalit, who reviewed movies for the Today Show.

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My kids are pajama lovers! They love to hang around in them all day, and the second we walk back in the door, they’re searching for more jammies to put on for the rest of the day! So when I asked who wanted new pajamas, all hands immediately shot into the air! And they haven’t taken them off yet!

Download Lagu Every Breath You Take Glee

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Luckily they go together quick and easy so I know I’ll be sewing lots more pairs in my future! Don’t they look so happy and comfortable?!

Download Lagu Every Breath You Take Glee Episodes

Are you ready to make your own? CLICK HERE to download the pattern pieces! Hope you enjoy! Please visit my etsy shop for more patterns, or find me on Instagram! Comment »June 1. 2, 2.

Hi Melly Sews Summer Sundress readers! I’m so excited to share my dress with you today! This is the Dogwood dress! My oldest loves a good maxi and she was thrilled when I made her this one. In fact, she wore it for two straight days, sleeping in it in between! Making a maxi from an existing shirt pattern is pretty simple with just a few extra steps! Ready to try your own?

Grab your favorite tshirt pattern. If you don’t have one, I recommend my Pistachio Tee! Get a large piece of paper (wrapping paper works well for this!) and lay your shirt pattern down on it. You’ll need to measure your child’s height from the collar bone to the top of her foot, add 1. Draw another line from the bottom of the armscye down, coming away from the shirt about 4. Then draw a horizontal line connecting the two, angling it up at the side seam just a bit, about 1. Measure your child from ankle bone to the knee, add 1.

Do the same with the back piece to the shirt, and you’ve got your pattern pieces! Cut one each on the fold and you’re ready to sew! Follow the construction steps for your tee until you get to the side seam. Lay your dress with right sides together and pin the front to the back at the knee mark you made. Sew down the side seam, stopping at the pin, leaving the bottom of the dress unsewn.

Repeat for the other side. Press your seam allowance open, past where you stopped sewing, all the way to the hem on both sides. Stitch the unsewn portion down close to the edge, stopping at the top of the opening and continuing down the other side. Repeat for the other side. Flip the hem up 1!

Wasn’t that easy? If drafting your own pattern isn’t for you, you’re in luck! The Dogwood Dress is actually my newest pattern and is in testing now!

It should release late this week and has tons of options making it a summer staple. Join my Facebook group to stay up with the latest info on it!

Don’t forget to check out all the other Summer Sundress posts!