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Download Pokemon Fire Red Gba Save File

Pokemon Fire. Red Hints, Gameboy Advance. Note: This hint is designed for the first time you face the Elite 4 and not afterwards. The first thing you will need to understand is that accuracy is everything.

You will want to be using attacks with a high acuracy and a high PP, this first step is so simple anyone can accomplish it. For example: those people who say to use thunder are far less likely to win than those who will tell you to use thunderbolt. This is for a very simple reason; the extra 3. Below is the ideal team for taking on the Elite 4 without using the legendary Pokemon and below it is a simple overveiw of the attacks to use.(All of these Pokemon should be between level 5.

For Pokemon FireRed Version on the Game Boy Advance, FAQ/Walkthrough by Deathborn 668. Learn The Secrets To Having the Network Marketing Success You deserve And Explode Your internet marketing Business fast.

  1. Em Kanto Black vivenciamos as aventuras de Red em Kanto com os Pok
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  4. Pokemon LeafGreen is a great game for hardcore pokemon gamers. There are many things to do in this game, obviously one thing to do is 'Catch em' All', and you can.

VS seeker found in the Vermillion Pokemon centre)1. Venusaur. Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake. Alakazam. Psychic, Calm Mind, Shock Wave, Toxic.

Download Pokemon Fire Red Gba Save File

Raichu. Thunderbolt, Facade, Double Team, Thunder Wave. Snorlax. Body Slam, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Rock Slide. Dragonite. Flamethrower, Outrage, Fly, Return. Poliwrath. Surf, Strength, Bulk Up, Brick Break(Items are entirely picked on each trainer's preference, I equip; Miracle Seed, Focus Band, Leftovers, Quick Claw, Focus Band, Leftovers consecutively)In order to face the Elite 4 the team you use needs to be fully healed, I advise carrying a strong pair of items; revive and full restore , though expensive, have saved me several times and are always useful in a tricky situation. The first opponent is Lorelei and is an Ice type trainer, she carries a couple of very nasty Pokemon with her. How to prevail: Raichu is always best here due to the water based team; in order to gain the best results I advise starting off with a thunder wave and 3 double teams (less if she has landed a couple of hits) this will make Raichu very hard to hit for the remainder of the match, after this setup spam thunderbolt until you see Lorelei is about to bring out her Jynx, when this happens swap out for Dragonite and use flamethrower for an easy win and switch back to Raichu to continue your thunderbolt spam. How to Prevail: To defeat the 2 Onix use your Venusaur's Earthquake for an easy win and taking very little damage if he lands a hit, for the three fighting types use Alakazam, set up two calm minds and proceed to destroy all 3 of them with psychic.

Use any revives and full restores needed. The third opponent is Agatha and trains ghost and poison Pokemon, she will fall easily to good strategy. Pokemon: Gengar lv. How to prevail: to defeat her first Gengar use Snorlax, it's shadow ball will be super effective and Snorlax has huge health and defence, against the golbat or Arbok (whichever comes first) use Alakazam, set up 2 calm minds and proceed to spam psychic to destroy all of the rest of her Pokemon for an easy win. Use any revives and full restores needed. The fourth opponent is Lance and has Dragon Pokemon, a tricky fight but with a little luck very easy and with a good strategy and this team; no problem.

Pokemon: Gyarados lv. How to prevail: Use Raichu and thunderbolt on both Gyarados and Aerodactyl (it is a common mistake that rock Pokemon are resistant to Electric, it is ground which is immune not rock so aerodactly takes a VERY nasty hit from thunderbolt due to being part flying) in order to defeat the 3 dragons you will want to use Dragonite (he learns outrage at level 6.

Use any revives and full restores needed. The fifth opponent is your rival and is relatively simple to defeat with this team, he uses a selection of Pokemon and it changes with each starter however if you have Venusaur as I suggest he will be using; Pokemon: Pidgeot lv.

Pokemon fire red & leaf green versions: ~~~~~ codebreaker cheat codes guide (usa/english version.

Download Pokemon Fire Red Gba Save File

Play Pokemon Fire Red Online GBA Game Rom. Pokemon Fire Red Review by: Dean. Pok. The graphics within this game are really spectacular, I can clearly see the creators of this game really put in a great amount of time and effort into making this game's graphics superb, they obviously took a look back at the previous version of this game, the original Pokemon Red which was specifically made for the Gameboy Color. The creators enhanced the colouring, the sprites, the scenery and the overall presentation of the game greatly which deserves a huge amount credit, that they do deserve. I thought the creators did excellent job in making the graphics of this game amazing.

Lets start with the character sprites. I fell in love with the character sprites immediately, it was almost instantaneous as I could see great improvements made in the use of colouring in this version than to the previous Pokemon Red. The characters are extremely attractive in the sense that they particularly relate to the Pokemon anime series.

The hat/cap that the main character (you) is attired with in the game is really awesome, it is the original hat/cap that Ash Ketchum (the main character in the anime series) wears which I really like. The great use of fiery & ruby reds used on the hat/cap were extremely vivid and precise, the vivid reds of the hat/cap obviously tying in with the title of the game Pokemon 'Fire Red'  which is extremely effective and relates to the game perfectly. The colour used in the particular clothing that 'Ash' is acquired with is also very eye- pleasing, there was also a great use of vivid reds and dazzling whites used in the making of these clothes, although not much detail was put into clothing of this character it was still particularly brilliant because as I said before, it ties in with the anime series which is ever so effective.

Now for the rival character introduced in the game (Gary), this character'a visual appearance in the game isn't as pleasing as Ash's. The shading of the colour black wasn't used effectively on Gary's torso, when I say torso I refer to his upper clothing. In the anime series Gary's top/t- shirt is very attractive in that there is a great use of blacks and grays, we didn't get that with the game.

The blacks used on Gary's torso were faded and very dim and discoloured which didn't attract me to the game at all, a little bit more effort into Gary's clothing would have made a great impact on my thoughts and opinions of the graphics used on this character's clothing. However, having said that, there was tremendous efforts used in the characters facial expression and hair, there was great uses of browns and whites. The brown colouring for his hair were fantastic, there were good visual aids used in this particular area of the characters sprite, even on his face too, the pale- ish white colours were used effectively and they didn't go too heavily on the shading also which is very good and great to see. All in all, the character sprites in this game were generally impressive and should be given credit. The Scenery - Oh my word, the scenery in this game is extremely, extravagantly epic in my opinion.

Lets start with the trees, caves, routes, pathways, all of the natural substances in the game. The trees and grass in this game were utterly amazing and that's an understatement. There were many shadings of green used in this particular aspect of the game, there were light, faded greens which may have signified the light shining upon them which is extremely effective as it relates to everyday life, plants do react to sunlight in that way.

Like its predecessor, Pok. The Crimson Ghost Serial Download on this page. It was released in Japan on September 1. North America on May 1, 2.

Pokemon Leaf Green (U)(Independent) ROM < GBA ROMs. ROMs »Nintendo Gameboy Advance »P »Pokemon Leaf Green (U)(Independent)Quick Navigation: Game Descriptions. Rate this game. Screenshots / User Submitted Media. Emulator Recommendation. Nominate for Retro Game of the Day. Download Links. Play in your Browser. Emulators (Quick Download)Discuss this game.

Game Description & Reviews: tototyamado rates this game: 4/5. Pokemon Leaf. Green is a great game for hardcore pokemon gamers. There are many things to do in this game, obviously one thing to do is .

This is another great installment in the pocketmonster series, if you like pokemon, you'll like this. James rates this game: 5/5. Pokemon Leaf Green adds more content and features to one of the first Pokemon games ever released. In this version of the classic role- playing game, you can collect all of the monsters from different Pokemon installments, including Ruby, Sapphire, and Colosseum. The game comes with a wireless adapter, which lets you connect with your friends' Game Boy Advances to chat, trade Pokemon, and participate in battles. Other new features include a tutorial mode, a recap system, minigames, and more. Pokey master says: (Clears throat) This game is greeny green.

Its an epic Open World game where you can live in harmony and tranquility with Pokemon ranging from the firey slik Charmander, to the fat lazy useless Snorax, who's only power is rolling on people. Up level your Pokemon and evolve them to their maximum potential by obtaining items and training your Pokemon friends in the dynamic different worl of Pokemon! Submit a description.

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For starters, share this page with your friends. Use the links above : )Direct Download Links: Download Pokemon Leaf Green (U)(Independent) (5. M)(Nintendo Gameboy Advance Release #1. Play in your browser (Beta): You have the option of playing Pokemon Leaf Green (U)(Independent) in your browser, right here at Emu. Paradise! No need for any software, no installations required, all you need is a fast enough PC and a browser with Flash support.

This is great if you're on a PC with restrictions on software installations or want to secretly play at work. Play Pokemon Leaf Green (U)(Independent)Game Release Info (NFO): . The new games are set in Kanto, the region where. Pok. When you get your copy of.