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Download Speeds With Sprint Overdrive Slow

Review: Sprint Overdrive rocks 4. G at more than double 3. G speeds. As you know I use quite a few smartphones and devices, many of which are from overseas so they have no 3. G support here in the U.

S. I used to have both AT& T and T- Mobile SIMs for my devices, but canceled my AT& T account and bought a Verizon Wireless Mi. Fi last Fall. I then saw 4. G roll out in the Seattle area and asked people if there was a Mi.

Fi that supported this 4. G network. I was told that such a device did not yet exist and I could put something together with the 4. G USB card and an adapter to try to get such a unit. This sounded to clunky to me so I stuck with my Verizon Mi. Fi. At CES 2. 01. Sprint announced their Overdrive device from Sierra Wireless that functioned just like the device I was looking for with 4.

G and 3. G support in a compact package. Sprint sent along an Overdrive for me to test out and after a couple of weeks of using it in the Seattle and Portland areas I am pretty sure I will be putting my Mi. Fi up on the auction block and moving to the Sprint Overdrive instead. Check out my image gallery of the Overdrive with some comparison shots with the Verizon Mi.

Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless (Sprint) editor rating.

Sierra Wireless Overdrive Macworld. I saw download speeds of around 3.2 megabits per second. Sprint promises peak 4G download speeds of up to 10mbps. Sprint Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro SWAC802 Mobile Hotspot. Boots up slow Transition from 4g. Visting the bookstore with free WiFi but it. Wifi very slow download speeds I completely disagree with all people saying that its not the phone.

Fi. The Overdrive supports 4. G (Wi. MAX) and 3. G (EV- DO) networks so you get the ultimate in data speeds. In addition, the Overdrive has a micro. SD card slot so you can insert a card and share the content with the connected devices.

A GPS receiver is also included in the Overdrive so you can map your location on a PC or Mac that has no integrated GPS receiver. You will find the Overdrive unit, A/C charger, USB cable, Get Started Guide, Terms & Conditions of services, information book, and recycling envelope. To charge the Overdrive you simply insert the USB cable (with a micro. USB end) into the charging adapter and plug it in. You can also charge up the Overdrive while connected to your PC or Mac computer. User Guide. Document 2131237 Revision 2. EVDO forums Discussion of New Overdrive is SLOW. I've been comcast/charter with speeds of 5mb/s+. I download music/stream. Sprint seriously needs to do.

XRTT Wi. MAX 2. 50. MHz GPS 1. 4 inch 1.

LCD front display micro. USB for charging and tethering micro. SD card slot 1. 83. Ah battery for 3 hours of continuous usage Dimensions: 3. Based on my personal experiences, I agree with their stated 3 hour battery life with one or two devices connected to the Overdrive. The battery is easily removable so you could always carry an extra battery to keep you going if you can't charge up your device.

Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot a Win. Sprint promises peak 4G download speeds of up. Review: Sprint Overdrive rocks 4G. In addition, the Overdrive has a microSD card slot. 4 Mbps with the actual average download speeds of. EVDO forums Discussion of Overdrive and slow WiFi speed. Overdrive and slow WiFi speed – Solved!

Download Speeds With Sprint Overdrive Slow

With my Verizon Mi. Fi I regularly see 4 hours of battery life so there is a trade- off here with the Overdrive. I was in an area where the signal status showed a strength of about 4. G network. I used Speedtest. Windows PC to measure the speed test results. I also tested my Verizon Wireless Mi. Fi and T- Mobile N9.

T- Mobile's 3. G connection in the same location at the same time to see what other carrier 3. G speeds provided. As you can see, my results confirmed this actual download speed with a decent signal and with a better signal I should see faster speeds. I have seen up to 3 Mbps on my Nokia N9. T- Mobile from time to time though so T- Mobile's HSPA+ network may approach the speeds being provided with Sprint's Wi.

MAX network. Above the button in the middle of the upper portion you will find a small LCD screen where you can view signal strength, battery level, connection type, Overdrive password and more. I personally like having a small display to give me a good idea of the status of the device and hated that the Mi. Fi doesn't have a good way to give me battery and connection status right on the Mi.

Fi itself. The Overdrive is glossy black plastic and quite a finger magnet, but this is not an issue for a wireless hotspot like this. The micro. SD card is nice to have, but not necessary for the way I use my devices. Chrome support is included, along with IE, Safari, and Firefox. After entering this URL you will see an Overdrive status page and then you can login to manage all of the advanced settings and functions on the device.

By default, the password is . Settings for the device include management of the basics (password, update management, etc.), display settings, micro. SD card management, sound management (alerts, connection, user joining and leaving, etc.), about, and log. WAN settings include setting up and managing 3. G, 4. G, and GPS connections.

In GPS you can select mapping service from Google Maps, Mapquest, Bing, and Yahoo. Download Transmission Para Pc Gta San Andreas Completo. This is good if you are connecting to a PC and I can really see this being useful for an ultra- portable device used as an in- car navigation system.

I've run hundreds of speed tests using the Evo hotspot (wireless phone as modem). Simultaneous tests (same server) on the Evo- Droid Speedtest. Ap, Speedtest. net from the Evo's browser, and Speedtest. XP SP3) show a pattern.

The Evo Speedtest Ap and Evo browser speedtest are virtually identical. From my location (Baltimore), I average 3. I have an average 6.

The upload speed from the laptop suffers no significant drop. The closest the laptop speedtest came to matching the Evo speedtest was 2. I have asked Sprint and HTC what is the standard, predictable loss in 4. G speed when using the hotspot feature?