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IVRS World – Blog exclusive for Interactive Voice Response System. The most widely used Cloud Telephony Service in the world is Outbound Voice Call, also known as Bulk Voice Calling, Reminder Service etc. The operation remains same while its used with many ways, to cater to many purposes. Few of the variants are known as Auto- Dialer where its used in call center and connect to a human agent. The process remains the same.

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An outbound call is triggered either manually, automatically or with some logic and when the called number is connected, either a message is played and disconnected or another call is made to a call center executive and both get connected. In some other outbound bulk voice calls, the called party is requested to choose some option and depending on her choice, some further task is performed. These kind of calls could be useful to people who are not busy, now a days there are only few people carrying a phone who are not busy.

So, these marketing and promotional calls are nuisance to many people and irritates everyone. While there are even laws against such pesky calls, National Do not Call registry (NDNC) which altogether stops such pesky calls once registered, still this problem persists.

English To Hindi Voice Converter Software Free Download Full Version

It has come down but people have also started missing information about good offers, discount sales in nearby stores. In this difficult economic conditions, these information are useful. It may not be possible to monitor all public services by the state all the time, so in order to provider better services to citizens, an easily accessible and usable system for citizens to lodge a grievance and complaints should be in place.

It will help citizen be part of governance as well as good monitoring system of the public utility services. IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) System could be low cost, yet the easiest and most user- friendly, easily accessible system for any citizens to lodge grievances as well as complaints for any public utility services. While in India, IVR system has been put to use in Railways, Gas Booking System etc., usage of IVR in public grievance redressal system or complaint management system has not really taken off. With features of small size, exquisite enclosure and high performance, the i.

AG Analog Vo. IP Gateway is specially designed for saving space and maximizing cost savings which is ideal for SMBs and SOHOs. Be different from Vox. Stack series, the Open.

Vox i. AG series has no moving parts and built to last, it includes 4 models and available in 4 or 8 FXS/FXO ports. It can be configured for different country uses, provides a wide selection of codecs including G. A, G. 7. 11. U, G. G. 7. 22, G. 7. 23, ILBC. The Open. Vox i. AG analog Vo.

IP gateway uses standard SIP protocol, includes all analog gateway features and compatible with Leading IMS/NGN platform, IPPBX and SIP servers. While all boards are digital, but analog CTI boards has completely different interface with telephone network.

Advantages of Digital IVR over Analog IVR1. Caller ID detection or ANI facility. While analog IVR ( using analog CTI board and Analog telephone Line) can also detect caller ID, but its not reliable and also its very slow.

Normally caller ID is detection takes at least one ring and most of the time it takes two rings. So IVR picks a call after two more 3 rings. In Digital IVR ( Using Digital CTI board and PRI/ISDN lines), caller id detection is fast, accurate and IVR can pick calls instantly. Increases user satisfaction. Vox. Bone will provide India specific toll free number starting with 0. Indian residents and enterprises based outside India.

These numbers will be accessible to 9. Download Do Filme Peter Pan Dublado. Vox. Bone news letter claims.

Vox. Bone has tied up with an Indian operator for providing this international toll free numbers. It is going to be inbound only service which means, calls will be only inbound to the toll free number and no outbound call will be supported. As per Indian laws presently, VOIP is highly restricted and VOIP calls originating from VOIP servers in India can not be terminated on its PSTN numbers. I find many people have confusion/questions about definition of number masking, caller id etc. So I thought I would try to post about “Number Masking” while making out bound IVR calls or bulk voice calling. What is “number masking” ?

As the name suggest, “Number Masking” is masking the caller id ( originator ID) of caller to the called part. For example, if my mobile number is “ABC”, and if I call “EFG” number, “EFG” should get caller ID ( CLI ) as “XYZ” instead of my actual number “ABC”. I hope this should be acceptable definition of “Number Masking” or caller ID masking. Why people seem to ask for “Number Masking”? Most of the Bulk Voice Outbound Call Service providers in India provide services using PRI lines. Every PRI line has a fixed 1.

Pilot Number”. This pilot number is displayed on the called party. Typical caller ID one gets to see for any promotional or marketing ( “Pesky calls” as media likes to call it) starts with +9.