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Listen to 125 episodes of Command Performance for free. Part of our over 12,000 show library of old time radio. The Jack Benny Program, starring Jack Benny, is a radio-TV comedy series that ran for more than three decades and is generally regarded as a high-water mark in 20th. Facebook 1.5 Java Download Jar on this page. The #1 most popular Jack Benny and OTR Podcast on the internet! Listen to the most talented actors and comedians in radio history, new audio intros on many episodes.

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Frequently Asked Questions. About Jack Benny. About Jack Benny material. About the International Jack Benny Fan Club.

Q: When and where was Jack Benny born? A: February 1. 4, 1. Chicago, Illinois. His parents lived in Waukegan. Illinois, thus his claim to it as his hometown. Q: What was Jack Benny’s real name?

He initially performed in vaudeville as. Jan Kubelik requested that he. He then switched to Ben Benny (or Ben K. Bennie). and used it with partners Cora Salisbury (Salisbury and Benny) and Lyman Woods. Bennie and Woods:  From Grand Opera to Ragtime). Bandleader (and. violinist) Ben Bernie took issue with that name. The last name of Benny was taken from his then- stage name.

Frequently Asked Questions. When and where was Jack Benny born? What was Jack Benny’s real name? How did he come to be Jack Benny? Jack Benny (born Benjamin Kubelsky; February 14, 1894 – December 26, 1974) was an American comedian, vaudevillian, radio, television and film actor, and violinist. Several years ago I became enamored with old time radio shows, my favorite being the Jack Benny Show. I thoroughly enjoyed the non-vulgar and more wholesome comedy. Jack Benny, Actor: The Jack Benny Program. The son of a saloonkeeper, Jack Benny (born Benny Kubelsky) began to study the violin at the age six, and his 'ineptness.

Benny's new CD Reviewed by Jack Bowers At age eighty-seven, saxophonist Benny Golson is one of the last surviving links to the Golden Age of modern jazz, ushered in. Favorite show EVER: Jack Benny! Still funny 60-70-80 years after they aired. And listen to some Gunsmoke radio shows; you’ll be shocked by the childishness and.

There are two. stories about the first name of Jack. The first one says that he took it from. Jack Osterman, a vaudeville comedian that he admired. The second is reported. Navy during World War I. The. building was demolished in 1. He did. live in New York while the radio program was done there, but I do not have an.

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The house that is most associated with him is 1. North. Roxbury, Beverly Hills, California.

161 old time radio show recordings.

This home was built for him in 1. New York to Los Angeles studios, and he lived. At this time, Mary suggested that the family move to a. Century City, a few miles south of the Roxbury house. Jack. lived there until his death in 1. Mary until her death in 1. The Roxbury house is still standing and can be easily seen from the street.

Jack stopped playing, turned to. Jack’s performance was so good. The part kept being expanded until by the time. He found that he. Eventually he eliminated the violin playing and became a monologist. Q: How did Jack Benny start using those.

A: There are three stories about Jack’s hand gestures, particularly. The first is that Jack went on stage without his. So. he started gesturing and visually punctuating his lines, which developed into. Jack was a. handsome young man who, like many vaudevillians, had women in many cities on. A phone call came to his dressing room from a local girl wanting.

With embarrassment and in front of Mary, he told her. Mary approached him angrily after he hung up, and. When Jack went on stage. The third story (and most likely) has Jack and Mary in his vaudeville dressing. He previously kidded around with the chorus. One exploded into his room, one breast.

Jack turned around in shock and embarrassment, seeing both the. Surprised that Jack didn’t burst out.

Mary glaring at her. She made. a hasty retreat, Mary then scratched her fingernails down Jack’s cheek, and. Jack covered them up onstage with his hand. Q: How did Jack meet Mary? A: Around Passover of 1.

Jack Benny and the Marx Brothers were playing. Vancouver, British Columbia vaudeville house. Jack was particularly good. Zeppo Marx. Zeppo was invited to attend a seder (the ritual. Passover dinner) at the house of a local Jewish family named Marks (no. Nelson Street. It was common for. Zeppo. encouraged Jack to accompany him to a wild party, not revealing to Jack that.

Jack and Zeppo met the family's daughters, Ethel (also known as Babe) and. Sadie Marks. Sadie was only 1. Jack was 2. 7. Jack. The reasons again vary as to why he did this. Jack said loudly to her, . On the radio show, Jack would often kid Mary about finding her at.

May Company. On 1. Because of these references, many people believed that Jack actually. Mary at the May Company, but such is not the case. Q: When did Jack and Mary get married?

A: January 1. 4, 1. Julius Sinykin's apartment in the Clayton Hotel, Waukegan, Illinois. It was. attended by Jack's father (his mother had passed away by then), Jack's sister. Florence and her husband Leonard, Mary's sister Babe and her husband Al Bernovici, Jack's longtime.

Julius Sinykin, Assistant State's Attorney Sidney Block, and Dr. Farber. (who officiated). Q: Was Jack Benny really cheap? A: No. Jack Benny was known as one of the most generous men in Hollywood. At one time. he gave $1 million to an actor's retirement home.

He commented once that being. As far as how his character came to be cheap, he had a variety of jokes in. His first cheap joke was, .

Jack did study. violin and perform in vaudeville for a time as a pure violinist. However, he. enjoyed performing more than practicing, so never became the Mischa Elman (a. Jewish violin virtuoso in the early part of the century) that his parents had. Jack said that if he tried to play badly, it wouldn’t be funny. He claimed. that he would try to play as well as possible, but create comedy in his. Later in life he found the discipline for regular practice.

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Jack Benny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jack Benny. Jack Benny in 1. Born. Benjamin Kubelsky.

Awards. Golden Globe for Best TV Show (1. Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (1. Websitehttp: //www. Jack Benny (born Benjamin Kubelsky; February 1. Recognized as a leading American entertainer of the 2. Benny portrayed his character as a miser, playing his violin badly.

In character, he would claim to be 3. Benny was known for comic timing and the ability to cause laughter with a pregnant pause or a single expression, such as his signature exasperated . His parents were Jewish. Meyer was a saloon owner and later a haberdasher who had immigrated to America from Poland.

Benny began studying violin, an instrument that became his trademark, at the age of 6, his parents hoping for him to become a professional violinist. He loved the instrument, but hated practice.

His music teacher was Otto Graham Sr., a neighbor and father of Otto Graham of NFL fame. At 1. 4, Benny was playing in dance bands and his high school orchestra. He was a dreamer and poor at his studies, and was ultimately expelled from high school. He did poorly in business school later and at attempts to join his father's business.

At age 1. 7, he began playing the violin in local vaudeville theaters for $7. Minnie, their mother, enjoyed Benny's violin playing and invited him to accompany her boys in their act.

Benny's parents refused to let their son go on the road at 1. Marx Brothers, especially Zeppo Marx. The next year, Benny formed a vaudeville musical duo with pianist Cora Salisbury, a buxom 4. This provoked famous violinist Jan Kubelik, who feared that the young vaudevillian with a similar name would damage his reputation.

Under legal pressure, Benjamin Kubelsky agreed to change his name to Ben K. Benny, sometimes spelled Bennie. When Salisbury left the act, Benny found a new pianist, Lyman Woods, and renamed the act . They worked together for five years and slowly integrated comedy elements to the show.

They reached the Palace Theater, the . Benny left show business briefly in 1. United States Navy during World War I, and often entertained the troops with his violin playing. One evening, his violin performance was booed by the troops, so with prompting from fellow sailor and actor Pat O'Brien, he ad- libbed his way out of the jam and left them laughing. He received more comedy spots in the revues and did well, earning a reputation as a comedian and musician.

Shortly after the war, Benny developed a one- man act, . Benny: Fiddle Funology.

By 1. 92. 1, the fiddle was more of a prop, and the low- key comedy took over. Benny had some romantic encounters, including one with dancer Mary Kelly. Benny was introduced to Kelly by Gracie Allen.

Some years after their split, Kelly resurfaced as a dowdy fat girl and Jack gave her a part in an act of three girls: one homely, one fat and one who couldn't sing. Their first meeting did not go well when he tried to leave during Sadie's violin performance. Jack had not remembered their earlier meeting and instantly fell for her. She was working in the hosiery section of the Hollywood Boulevard branch of the May Company, where Benny courted her. Adopting the stage name Mary Livingstone, Sadie collaborated with Benny throughout most of his career. They later adopted a daughter, Joan. In 1. 92. 9 Benny's agent, Sam Lyons, convinced Irving Thalberg, American film producer at Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer, to watch Benny at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

Benny signed a five- year contract with MGM, where his first role was in The Hollywood Revue of 1. The next movie, Chasing Rainbows, did not do well, and after several months Benny was released from his contract and returned to Broadway in Earl Carroll's Vanities. At first dubious about the viability of radio, Benny grew eager to break into the new medium. In 1. 93. 2, after a four- week nightclub run, he was invited on to Ed Sullivan's radio program, uttering his first radio spiel . There will be a slight pause while you say, 'Who cares?'..

It was among the most highly rated programs during its run. Ayer agency and their client, Canada Dry, after which Bertha Brainard, head of the division, said, . Benny is excellent for radio and, while the audition was unassisted as far as orchestra was concerned, we believe he would make a great bet for an air program. With Ted Weems leading the band, Benny stayed on CBS until January 2. He continued with sponsor General Tire through the end of the season.