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Server Load, Server Status, Mysql Load, VPS Server, Dedicated, Web Hosting. Internet protocols define the format for all Internet. What this means is that for your computer to. Internet, both must be speaking the same. For file transfers, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used, and for Web. HTTP (Hyper. Text Transfer Protocol) is used. The next few sections introduce the Internet protocols and discuss.

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Web. A good understanding of what's. PHP programming. because within the requests and responses flying back and forth from client to. TCP/IPThe Internet is designed to provide communications between. Every computer or device that has an IP address.

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Internet. The main protocol (actually a suite of networking protocols) used. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol over.

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Internet Protocol.). TCP/IP is simply a method of describing information packets (the packages of bits that are. T1- line from node to node, until they reach their intended. One advantage of the TCP/IP protocol is that it can reroute. When. the user tells the browser to fetch a Web page, the browser parcels up (turns.

TCP. TCP is a transport protocol, which. It ensures that the. Before the packets of data are sent out across the network, they. IP address). So a second protocol called Hyper.

Text. Transfer Protocol (or HTTP) puts an address label on them, so that TCP/IP knows. HTTP is the protocol used by the World Wide Web. You can think of TCP/IP as the postal service that does the. HTTP is the stamp and address on the letter.

The message passed from the browser to the Web server is. HTTP request. When the Web server receives. Web page or file), it. If it finds the page, it parcels. HTML contained within (using TCP), addresses these packets to the browser. HTTP), and sends them back across the network. If the Web server cannot.

Error 4. 04: Page Not Found), it parcels up, and dispatches that. The message sent from the Web server to the browser is.

HTTP response. The HTTP Protocol. There's quite a bit more technical detail to all of this. HTTP works. When a request for a Web page.

URL. There is a. lot of extra information that is sent as part of the request. This is also true. You'll. explore these different types of information shortly. A lot of the information that's passed within the HTTP message is. Although. you don't have to worry about creating this information yourself, you should be.

HTTP request and HTTP response because the PHP script that you write can. Whether it's a client request or a server response, every HTTP. HTTP header, and the HTTP body. The content of these three sections is dependent on whether the message. The HTTP Request. The HTTP request that the browser sends to the Web server.

Here's an example of the request. GET /testpage. htm HTTP/1. Accept- Language: en- us. Connection: Keep- Alive. Host: www. wrox. com. Referer: http: //webdev.

Sample. List. php? User- Agent: Mozilla (X1. I; Linux 2. 0. 3. The Request Line. The first line of every HTTP request is the request line, which contains three pieces of information: An HTTP command known as a method (such as GET and POST)The path from the server to the resource that the client is.

The version number of HTTP (such as HTTP 1. Here's an example: GET /testpage. HTTP/1. 1. The method is used to tell the server how to handle the request. The. majority of HTTP requests made on the Internet are GET requests (when you click. GET request is made).

The information required by the request can be. HTML or PHP page, to the output of a Java. Script or Perl. Script. You can send some limited data to the. URLHEADThe same as the GET method, except. HTTP header only and no data. POSTIndicates that data will be sent to the server as part of.

HTTP body (from form fields, for example). This data is then transferred to. Web server. HTTP supports a number of other methods, including PUT, DELETE, TRACE, CONNECT, and OPTIONS. As a rule, you'll find that these are less common. If you want to know more. RFC 2. 06. 8, which you can find at www. The HTTP Request Header.

The next bit of information sent is the HTTP header. This. contains details of what document types the client will accept back from the.

The HTTP request's header contains. General: Information about either the client or server, but. Entity: Information about the data being sent between the. Request: Information about the client configuration and. Here's an example of a request header: Accept: */*. Accept- Language: en- us.

Connection: Keep- Alive. Host: www. wrox. com. Referer: http: //webdev. Sample. List. php?

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Cheap VPS Hosing, VPS Hosing Coupon, Dedicated Server Renewal Coupon. On the Internet, virtual hosting is the provision of Web server hosting facilities correspondingly that a company (or individual) doesn't have to attain and keep its own Web server and buddies to the Internet. A virtual hosting provider is sometimes called a Web or Internet . The virtual hosting user (the Web site owner) needs unaccompanied to have a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program for exchanging files taking into account the virtual host. Some virtual hosting providers make it realizable for customers to have more run of their Web site file system, e- mail names, passwords, and additional resources and publicize that they are providing each customer a virtual server - that is, a server that appears to be totally their own server. When a customer does indeed twinge to have its every one own server, some hosting providers have enough maintenance access the customer to rent a dedicated server at the hosting provider's location. If a customer is allowed to place their own purchased equipment at the provider's location, this is known as colocation.

A server, usually a Web server, that shares computer resources later than than supplement virtual servers. In this context, the virtual portion appropriately means that it is not a dedicated server- - that is, every share of computer is not dedicated to slope of view the server software. Virtual Web servers are a every popular mannerism of providing low- cost web hosting services.

Instead of requiring a sever computer for each server, dozens of virtual servers can co- reside in the region of the same computer. In most cases, perform is not affected and each web site behaves as if it is mammal served by a dedicated server. However, if too many virtual servers reside regarding the same computer, or if one virtual server starts hogging resources, Web pages will be delivered more slowly.