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Formed 1967, NS, Canada Disbanded 1974 Miembros: Tim Garagan (drums, vocals, 1967-73), Ritchie Richmond (bass, 1967-69), Lenny Brennan (guitar, 1967-69).

Brujeria (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brujeria is a Mexican- American. If I Am Nine Days Free Mp3 Download.

Their name comes from the Spanish word for . Their songs, which are sung in Spanish, are focused on Satanism, anti- Christianity, sex, immigration, narcotics smuggling, and politics. The band is not from Tijuana, Mexico, contrary to popular belief. They perform under pseudonyms and portray themselves as a Latino band consisting of drug lords, concealing their identities due to being wanted by the FBI.

In videos and photographs of the band, they are shown wearing bandannas, balaclavas, serapes, and are often shown wielding machetes. Its members, the guitarist.

Dino Cazares, Jello Biafra, drummer Pat Hoed, bass guitarist Billy Gould and vocalist Juan Brujo, used pseudonyms as most were in other known bands. Their first single, . Jello Biafra departed the group, Pinche Peach . These topics, while the subjects of many other death metal acts, were inspired by the actions of Adolfo Constanzo, Cuban- American born Mexican drug smuggler, practitioner of Palo (religion) Mayombe, and serial killer.

Subsequently, the image of the head would become an emblem of the band, transforming themselves into their mascot known as Coco Loco, and is seen frequently on album covers and merchandise. The head is largely believed to have belonged to Mario Rios. In this album the band integrated Shane Embury on bass guitar which still remains in the lineup of the band. Raza Odiada, Marijuana and Spanglish 1. Raza Odiada featured the single . Two years later came the EP Marijuana, featuring a cover- parody of the popular song .

On this album the band released a couple of new tracks: ! Greatest Hits, released in 2. Mucho Muchacho on .

The record, rather than being a compilation, was more like a disc of rarities and b- sides, since most of the songs were not the album versions, but the versions on the EPs and singles. The disc also included a video cover for the Magazine 6. However, this seems to have been put on hold due to altercations between Cazares and Herrera, upon Cazares exit from Fear Factory. The band then announced the launch of various side- projects for each of the band members, starting with Asesino who launched that same year, Corridos de Muerte with the band featuring Tony Campos and Emilio Marquez. There is a DVD compilation of the band called .

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This DVD was produced by Juan Brujo and Henry about the recording period of the Asesino album and videos of his first three presentations of the official tour of Brujeria, The Mexecutioner Tour. Also includes images of the addition of Wee Man. Jason Acu. The DVD was homemade and distributed by Juan Brujo. Brujeria declined to do live performances in its early years, however on June 1. Whisky a Go Go club in Hollywood.

The short concert itself was incorporated into the EP . On October 2, 2. 00.

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Chicago USA, and began its first tour known as The Mexecutioner Tour, which concluded on January 2. Guadalajara, Mexico. Also in 2. 00. 3, Roadrunner Records released a compilation of tracks from the studio albums, the band titled The Mexecutioner! The band, now with Nicholas Barker on drums, decided to promote the work as the band had never done before, which included interviews, concerts and more.

Starting with a second tour called . Also during this period of time several vital members of the group such as Dino Cazares, departed after alleged differences with frontman Juan Brujo. In 2. 00. 6 there was news from the band with the release of The Singles which is a revival of the EP and singles of the band and the beginning of a new global concert tour known as . Shane Embury left bass and switched to guitar. At their first appearance in Europe Vi. Later in September of that year they returned to do a small tour in Spain known as .

Juan Brujo (vocals), Pat Hoed (second vocals), Jeff Walker (bass), Shane Embury (guitar) and Adrian Erlandsson (drums) started a new tour called . Lasting from February 2. December 1. 5, the band performed in England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

Between April and June 2. Brujeria returned to Europe to play some concerts as an extension of the .

In November and December of that year, the band began another tour called . Brujeria played at the 1. Maryland Death Fest in May 2. They performed a world tour between 2. In an interview in June 2.

ENLACESFormed. 19. NS, Canada. Disbanded. Miembros: Tim Garagan (drums, vocals, 1. Ritchie Richmond (bass, 1. Lenny Brennan (guitar, 1. Tony Argent (guitar, 1.

Bonnie Oulton (vocals, 1. Bob Quinn (keyboards, 1. Doug Billard (vocals, 1.

Jim White (guitar, 1. Chris Brockway (bass, 1.

Joel Zemel (guitar, 1. Matt Minglewood (guitar, vocals, 1. Terry Hatty (vocals, 1.

Rick Edgett (guitar, 1. Paul Butler (guitar, 1. Brian . I Could Not Control It. Love Is A Railroad (Vinyl)1. Put A Smile Upon Your Face.

AOR Night Drive. 0. Smokin' in the Boys Room .

Bonnie Oulton (vocals, 1. Bob Quinn (keyboards, 1. Doug Billard (vocals, 1. Jim White (guitar, 1. Chris Brockway (bass, 1.