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Os X Mind Mapping Software Review

Could last Friday have been any more massive for Apple? Following on the heels of slew of preparatory updates including OS X 10.5.4 and iTunes 7.7, the transition.

VUE: mind mapping meets data visualization, semantic analysis, and presentation engine. VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) is a free, open source mind mapping and data visualization software developed by the Academic Technology group at Tufts University in Boston. VUE is unique in that it offers a range of innovative functions such as tagging of nodes and of relationships, support for images, videos, and other objects within the mind map structure, and the ability to import and analyze datasets (from CSV files, XML files, and even RSS feeds) using semantic mapping. It also functions as an innovative Powerpoint- style presentation tool, allowing users to define “presentation pathways” on top of the mind map structure, and to create presentation- style content that is associated with the mapped concepts. VUE can also be used in conjunction with the Zotero Firefox extension to map out and visualize online documents and web clippings. Imagine an environment where concepts and notes, images, as well as URLs, file objects and datasets of rows and columns can all be placed together on the same page and governed within a single structure and metadata (tags, relationships), and you will get an idea of what VUE is all about. VUE is a very ambitious project whose simple in interface belies the power and potential that it has to offer.

Tree, outliner for MacOS X. Horizontally expanding outliner. Audio Notetaker is an audio-based PC software program for easy note taking. This can be used with a Dictaphone or digital voice recorder, to upload audio notes.

Mind mapping is the process of using visual diagrams to show the relationships between ideas or information. Ascii Art Generator 3.2 2 Full Download on this page. Its popular uses include project planning.

VUE is also a full- fledged, Powerpoint- style presentation software. Admittedly, the conflation of concept mapping and presentation software seemed a bit strange to me at first, until I considered that the likely objective of creating and mapping out knowledge is to share it. VUE makes it simple and easy to create a presentation out of your concept maps without having to jump to Powerpoint or another presentation software to do so. It enables your concept maps and your presentation itself to be a single, unified whole instead of being fragmented across different files and platforms. Here are more notes on this program: Node behavior: if you. For example you can place a node or multiple nodes within other nodes, you can define associated, clickable URLs or files for nodes, and add local or online images. Lastly, you can group nodes and relationships together and even create “layers” of elements that can be switched on or off (Photoshop style).

Os X Mind Mapping Software Review

Using shortcuts while performing repetitive tasks in software can save you up to 60 hours per year according to some estimates. While Apple only officially announced its 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week, we have been reporting all of the known information about what Apple.

Objects: aside from text, URLs, and images, you can use any file(s) as objects that you simply drag and drop into the interface, including videos and documents. VUE can import CSV files, XML files, and even RSS feeds, and can use elements within these files (such as column/fields in the CSV file) to define relationships and to group nodes.

Web clippings and documents can be mapped via the Firefox Zotero plugin (see below). Tagging and ontologies: both the concepts (nodes) as well as the relationships (arrows) can be tagged. These tags are used to give structure and overall meaning to your maps, and are also searchable.

The set of tags you might create for your maps, termed an ontololgy, can be exported or imported for sharing or for use in other maps. Zotero: is a Firefox plugin that can be used to collect web documents and clips. See this video on a tutorial on how to do this. The VUE plugin for Zotero for VUE 3+ and Zotero 2.

Analysis: the main thrust of doing concept map analysis with VUE. There are also a great many demo maps that can be freely downloaded and perused and that can illustrate.

Presentations: you can overlay your mind maps with presentation “pathways”. Your presentation screens can display nodes or relationships from your mind map that you outline (see the pink blocks in the right- hand screenshot at the top of this post). Alternately, you can create custom “slide” content that is associated with each of your nodes (this is illustrated in the image to the right; the slides are visible as black blocks in the map). Presentations can be linear or non- linear. It works remarkably well. Keyboard shortcuts: feature prominently, and make this program much easier to use.

Wish list (or how this program can be even better)Multiple tabs within a single file: one thing I found myself wishing for is multiple tabs within a single file (Excel- stlye); currently VUE does support tabs, but each tab represents a completely separate file and mind map . Once a mind map grows and grows it can become unwieldy and it would be nice to be able to span a mind map over multiple tabs that nonetheless remain searchable as a single unit and have the same tags.

Everything to know about i. OS 8 and OS X 1. 0. Roundup + New Details)While Apple only officially announced its 2. Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week, we have been reporting all of the known information about what Apple plans to unveil at the event over the course of the past few months.

Now that WWDC is official. You can find out what there is to know so far about i. OS 8 and OS X 1. 0. OS 8 – Codenamed Okemo: i.

OS 8 is the next version of Apple’s software for the i. Phone, i. Pad, and i. Pod touch, and it is the first major successor to the significant redesign that was. For i. OS 8, Apple is retaining the same Jony Ive- designed.

Healthbook is an application that aggregates health and fitness data from various applications and hardware accessories. The application is akin to Passbook in terms of user- interface design, and users will be able to customize their Healthbook to give visual priority to health statistics that are most important to them. Healthbook is capable of tracking data for various bloodwork details, heart rate, blood pressure, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, weight, and activity. The Activity. The Weight tab can track a person’s weight, BMI, and fat %.

The current health accessory marketplace includes wireless weight scales, so it is likely that Healthbook will receive its data from those types of products. Both of those aforementioned tabs will have an interface with graphs and charts so that users could track their fitness progress over daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views. Our earlier reporting on Healthbook goes into further detail about why the application is critical and how it could interact with future Apple wearable devices. Another important element of Healthbook is the Emergency Card function. The Emergency Card is a single place for users to store information about themselves.

The Emergency Card can keep a person’s name, photograph, birthdate, blood type, organ donor status, emergency contact information, weight, and a list of medication prescriptions. This Emergency Card function could save lives and provide emergency technicians, nurses, hospitals, and doctors with vital information about patients in emergency situations.– Maps: For. The updated application will retain the same user- interface introduced last year with i.

OS 7, but it will be updated with improved mapping data, better clarity, and important new features. The updated app is said to include tweaked cartography, clearer labeling, and improved notating of bus stops, train stations, and airports. That is all in addition to upgraded data that is more reliable and more plentiful. The improved data also makes way for a major new feature: public transit directions. Apple won’t be the first to this feature (Google has had it for several years), but the addition is a change in direction from when former i. OS chief Scott Forstall said in 2. Apple would leave transit to third- party developers.

Thanks to severalacquisitions of transit specialist companies, i. OS 8’s Maps app will have transit functionality deeply embedded for several cities around the world. Transit will allow people to navigate using busses, trains, and subways, and it will also include improved navigating to nearby airports. The transit feature will be integrated as both a new view (in addition to Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite), and it will also be a new option alongside walking and driving for directions. While transit will be integrated, Apple will still be able to point users to third- party transit apps like it has done since i. OS 6’s launch. Transit directions will work for both future trip planning and for immediate navigation.– i.

Tunes Radio: For i. OS 8, Apple is considering breaking out the Music app’s i. Tunes Radio functionality into its own, standalone application. As a tab in the already- existing Music app, i. Tunes Radio has not received a promoted presence on i. OS, and this likely has deterred growth for the service in terms of advertising revenue and usage. As a standalone application, users will be able to more quickly access i.

Tunes Radio. Psychologically for users, i. Tunes Radio will be its own app competing with the likes of the. The benefit for Apple, however, is that i. Tunes Radio will be pre- installed. The interface for the standalone i. Tunes Radio application is said to be nearly identical to the one found inside of the i.

OS Music app and its Home screen icon is a terrestrial radio graphic atop a red background.