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Swanson Speed Square Blue Book Download

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Vibrant Vintage CAL – Main – Cypress. Textiles. Welcome to the Vibrant Vintage CAL (VVCAL) Information Page! Help me support a dear friend of mine who is battling stage 4 renal cancer, while raising 2 toddlers (one recently adopted, and one surprise successful pregnancy!). Click here to donate – any amount will help, and I genuinely appreciate it! Link leads to http: //paypal. VVCALdonate. I’ll link all patterns and instructions as I write them up, this way you can skip around and/or use joining and border instructions for other projects through the year. Adjust your CAL speed to as slowly or quickly you’d like to complete your blanket.

Related Links. Ravelry ebook the patterns so far, with full instruction, charted instruction, and at the end of the PDF, you will find a condensed version of the pattern for printing (ink saver!)NOTE: click URL in that ebook above to download new 4. PDF which includes condensed versions of all 3. Border options, and the lace border. All written instruction only. Ravelry group ! Anyone can participate in this open CAL just by following along each week . It doesn’t have to be 8. If you want to choose your own pattern squares, just make sure they are all the same amount of sts on the final round.

Make sure your squares are very close in size. A couple millimeters off is nothing to worry about, but if you find one is way off from the others and you want to tweak the pattern, just preserve the same stitch count. Head to the Ravelry group (linked above) for the forum with lots of help for any questions or concerns.

Timeline – Dates and Links. Note! I have updated the schedule! See shortened CAL length below – 2 “fancy” squares per week starting Week 1. Squares. There are 6.

Squares. Sub in your favorite granny squares if you like! General Square Info. Size: 5. 5in, before the additional DC round. Stitch count – Squares are. You can also do this after you make them every week!

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I prefer to edge mine in batches. Link to square edging instruction is in the weekly schedule below.****************************Get ready to begin the CAL on January 1. Yaaaaaay! 6. 4 Squares completed and edged, ready to join. The blanket is made of 8 rows, with 8 squares each. If you would like to use the joining method for a different blanket, find general. By early- August, if you’ve been following along, you should have a completed blanket! In case you want to know exactly what yarn I’m using, I have listed the shades below.

You can definitely use any stash yarn you want – I’ve updated with some options at the bottom of this post. I am using 1 shade of New Fashion DK, and 1. Stylecraft Special DK.! Here are the ones I chose – based on a selection by Little Tin Bird (see her gorgeous.

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Swanson Speed Square Blue Book DownloadSwanson Speed Square Blue Book Download

Any weight yarn with your favorite corresponding hook will work! Many of you are really interested in the join and border instruction! I’ll tell you that it doesn’t matter how big your blanket is!

Use as many colors as you want, and you’ll! You’ll need about 6. I will use 9- 1. 0 skeins of 7oz each.

Use up more of each yarn ball by choosing a smaller color palette. Do this option if you don’t have much stash, and you don’t want to have too much yarn left over. You’ll need 1. 2 colors for the squares and final border, and 4 balls neutral. If you want to work an all neutral border, you only need 1.

Still 1. 6 balls total. Any other blanket options are up to you!