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Toyota 4K Carburetor Manual Download

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Tuning Your Mega. Squirt. Click on our menu buttons immediately below to find Mega. Squirt. This. is not too difficult if you work methodically, and do not let. It does help if the engine was running before the.

Toyota 4K Carburetor Manual Download

There may be some later passages that. You will get the 'big picture', and the tuning. Reread this section if. This allows you to start the engine and verify that the. TPS sensor, the O2 sensor, fuel.

It will ease your mind when you. Mega. Squirt. If you have a running engine. Tuning Theory. Tuning involves setting all the parameters that Mega. Squirt. uses to be optimal for your engine, injection, and driving. These. include things like cold start pulse widths and acceleration.

The most fundamental parameters are in the 8. Trying to estimate what your engine. It is worthwhile exercise to understand the. O2 sensor. (as well as drag strip times, exhaust gas temperature sensors. They often got very good results. The O2 sensor and MSTweak. Using other. people's settings and tables is a reasonable starting point.

However, no- one should ever assume another. The reason is that the tolerance build- up. Small changes (within. MAP sensor output, etc., etc., etc., can add up to. This is especially. Below is a chart of the equivalent air/fuel ratios. Air/Fuel Ratio Equivalents.

Lambda. Gasoline. Propane. Methanol. Ethanol. Diesel. 0. Lambda is the ratio of a given AFR (air/fuel ratio) to the. AFR for that fuel.

So if a gasoline engine is. In this manual we will assume you are using.

Mega. Tune. You can see the 'big picture' this way. You can download the latest. MS Forums file download section at: www. Duty cycle gives the. The scale is determined by ego. Gauge value in the. Tuning section of the megatune.

This same setting. The first. value of this setting controls the lowest voltage displayed on. Garmin Gps 168 Sounder Owners Manual.

LEDs are red. The bottom of the front page. The current file name (used for Save. When the memory image has. Open or Save operation, this entry. SAVED” in bold face. Below is a chart of. If it is significantly.

See the Mega. Tune help file for more. Barometric Pressure vs. Elevation Elevation Above Sea Level Atmospheric Pressure Feet Meters kilo. Pascals(k. Pa) example. New York, Vancouver, Washington. Dallas (4. 35 feet), Detroit (5.

Geneva (1. 23. 0 feet), Kelowna (1. Helena (1. 40. 4 feet), Wichita (1. Canberra (1. 88. 6 feet), Las Vegas (2. Regina (1. 89. 3 feet)2. Red Deer (2. 96. 8 feet)3. Brasilia (3. 48. 0 feet), Calgary (3. Banff (4. 50. 0 feet)5.

Albuquerque (4. 94. Denver (5. 28. 0. Colorado Springs (5. Mexico City (~7. 20.

La Paz (1. 3,1. 69 feet), Mauna Kea (~1. Note that weather reports usually report the barometric. Pa was the. 'normal' for your elevation. Do not expect these reports.

Mega. Squirt. These include the injector open time. Req. These constants are either calculated, or. Low- inpedance injectors require some form of current limiting. You need to set the PWM parameters to match your injectors. If you are running high- impedance. Ohms), then set the. PWM Time Threshold to 2.

PWM Current Limit (%) to 1. The presence or absence of the active flyback circuit (v. If you have low impedance. Ohms), set the: PWM Time Threshold to 1. PWM Current Limit to 3.

V3 main board with active flyback installed, and all V2. If you are not sure, look for the presence of Q3 and Q1. See. “Setting the PWM Criteria” in this section.

Failure to perform these steps can result in damage to your. If you have high- impedance injectors, set these. In all cases. you should choose speed density unless you have a good reason to.

All tuning advice in this manual is based on the. Alpha- N uses the throttle position. RPM (N) to calculate the amount of fuel to inject as. MAP) and RPM to. calculate the amount of fuel to inject. Alpha- N is useful for. It is also useful to get smoother idle on. You must. have version 2.

You will. no longer use the MAP sensor for estimating the load on the. This. can help with cams with long duration and/or a lot of overlap, as. It has a calculation dialog to help you. It should contain the injector pulse. To use the calculator, click on the Required. Fuel button, and fill in the fields (Engine Displacement.

Number of cylinders, Injector flow, and Air: Fuel. Okay'). Same with alternate and two squirts. If you put in. simultaneous and two squirts, then REQ. For example, with an eight cylinder engine, you could use alternating and 2, 4, or 8 squirts/cycle. With a six cylinder, if you choose alternating, you MUST use 2 or 6 squirts/cycle.