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FAQ's ยป Precision Custom Coatings. What type of coating systems do you use? Most companies use epoxy, don. Our urethane- polyurea basecoat is 4 times stronger than epoxy and is almost 1. We then finish it off with one or two coats of a polyaspartic polyurea topcoat for maximum clarity, shine and stain resistance. How will you prepare my concrete? We use the latest shot blasting equipment that propels small steel shot at high velocity, which yields the highest bonding character of any prep method.

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If the concrete is extremely uneven, we will use a diamond grinder to mellow out high spots. This removes surface contamination and laitance (soft concrete) to reveal a desired profile for the coating application. My concrete is brand new. Will my floor still have to be prepared? Yes! To insure a tenacious bond, we shot blast or diamond grind every floor so the coating will penetrate deep into the pours of the concrete. When concrete is poured, a power trowel is sed to smooth out the concrete and tighten the pours. Most contractors use a cure and seal to prevent staining.

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This cure and seal must be removed and the top surface must be abraided to expose the pours of the concrete. That prep sounds dirty. Will my garage be filthy after you leave? Tr Downloader Gen Avira. Absolutely not! We take great pride in our work and treat every project as if it were our own.

We may raise a small amount of dust, but we will do a thorough cleaning job upon completion. This means door/windowsills will be wiped, stairs vacuumed, driveway cleaned, walls blown off etc. After 2. 4 hours, the floor will be 9. The floor will continue to cure over several days, but is absolutely hard enough to drive on after 2. I have cracks in my floor. What will you do about these?

We use a moisture tolerant, structural grade epoxy patching paste to fill the cracks. My concrete is extremely pitted and damaged. Can this be fixed or should I just jack out my concrete and have new concrete poured? We are fully capable of resurfacing almost any damaged concrete. After the concrete is prepared, we trowel a thickened polyurea in all the spalls, holes and large cracks. Then we grind it smooth and finish it off with a structural grade epoxy patch. My garage is full of stuff.

What do I do with it? It is the homeowner. If you are elderly, have a disability or are unable to remove your belongings, we charge $7. Most of our customers move their belongings out back or on the side of their garage and use a tarp to cover. We can also rent a storage pod to house your belongings if you don!

We provide a 5 year warranty against product/ installation defects.